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Meet the Airpeak system by Sony Pro offering comprehensive usability and design for seamless flight programming, data management, piloting, and camera work.

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The Airpeak system by Sony Pro enhances usability and design for a seamless drone experience. Airpeak S1 is supported by a remote controller, an app, and cloud service; which work together to create a high-performance aircraft system. From flight programming and data management to piloting and camera work, the Airpeak system is comprehensive, versatile, and easy to use.


Sony Airpeak NDAA Drone Certification

Commercial Drones

Sony Drones - ARSS1

Sony Drones/ARSS1

Airpeak Aircraft bundle

Cameras & Lenses

Sony Drone Cam - DSCRX1RM2/B

Sony Drone Cam/DSCRX1RM2/B


Sony Drone Cam - ILCE1/B

Sony Drone Cam/ILCE1/B

Alpha 1 Full Frame ILC Camera Body

Sony Drone Cam/ILMEFX3

ILME-FX3 Full Frame Camera System

Sony Drone Cam/ILXLR1B

Alpha LR1 FullFrame ILX Camera Body

Sony Airpeak Drone Solutions

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