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Exertis Almo: Commercial Drone Solutions

As a premier distributor in the commercial drone industry, Exertis Almo takes pride in serving the unique requirements of professional integrators, resellers, and consultants. Our comprehensive range includes top-tier brands, cutting-edge accessories, diverse command and control options, and an array of value-added services. At Exertis Almo, we are dedicated to providing partners with an unparalleled distribution experience, tailored precisely to their individual needs. Explore the forefront of commercial drone technology with us and discover a partnership designed for success.

Our Offerings

Drones & Accessories - Exertis Almo Drone Solutions

Drones & Accessories

Command & Control Supplies - Exertis Almo Drone Solutions

Command & Control Supplies

Drone Training & Services - Exertis Almo Drone Solutions

Training & Services

The Emerging Tech Distribution Experience

At Exertis Almo, we go far beyond supplying product. Our focused drone solutions team specializes in working with resellers to meet the unique needs of their customers. Embark on a comprehensive drone solution journey with Exertis Almo. Experience personalized distribution excellence tailored to your unique needs.

Exertis Almo Drone Solutions - Product Sourcing


Drone solutions for public safety applications, command-and-control centers, educational spaces, government settings, and more

Exertis Almo Drone Solutions - Pre-Sale and Design Support


Sample products, technical advisers, and an experienced, dedicated sales team

Exertis Almo Drone Solutions - Logistics


Forecasting, warehousing and staging, palletizing multiple products, expedited shipping, on-site container rental, and online order taking

Exertis Almo Drone Solutions - Services


A comprehensive suite of services including training programs, service support, and more, in partnership with SDI

Exertis Almo Drone Solutions - Maintenance


Extended warranty, removal and replacement, recycling, and liquidation services

Exertis Almo Drone Solutions - Customer Service


An experienced bid desk, dedicated customer care, and an online portal for stock checks and easy ordering